The Shadow Council

(For information only. Not required reading for the setting)

A Clandestine group of three supernatural advisors to the the British Crown. Officially established in 1558 upon the ascension of Queen Elizabeth I, elements of the Shadow Council have been advising the Crown since 1532.

Aside from Queen Victoria, only Britain’s most respectable vampires and werewolves, and a select handful of progressive politicians, know of the Shadow Council’s existence.

The Council meets twice a week, on Thursday and Sunday nights.

Vampire Potentate:

The Potentate is elected either by vote from all the hives in the United Kingdom or, in an emergency situation, by Royal Decree. He is a well-known Rove with extensive political acumen. Lord Akeldama is the 2nd and current Potentate to be appointed. His predecessor, Sir Francis Walsingham, held the position officially from 1558 to 1873, and unofficially from 1532 to 1558. His actual identity is a state secret known only to a select few.

Werewolf Dewan:

Werewolf adviser to the Crown. A Loner. Styled as the Earl of Upper Slaughter, though he holds no actual country seat. The current Dewan is mostly concerned with military matters, and is the Commander in Chief of the Royal Lupine Guard. He sees to werewolf assignments in the army, among his other duties. He is a very private individual, and outside of his work as Dewan, very little is known about him. There have been three serving Dewans since 1532, all have been styled the Earls of Upper Slaughter. All have served until their deaths.

Preternatural Muhjah:

This advisor to Queen Victoria is meant to break the stalemate between the Potentate and the Dewan. He or she represents the voice of the modern age, as opposed to the other two older, set-in-their-ways advisors. It is also implied that the Muhjah would oversee any and all affairs related to preternaturals within the kingdom, as the Potentate oversees vampires and the Dewan does werewolves. The post of Muhjah was established by George III in 1771. There have only been two serving Muhjah’s in the Shadow Council’s history, and the position is currently held by Lady Alexia Maccon.