The Setting

Imagine Jane Austen dabbling in science and steam technology. Then imagine P.G. Wodehouse suddenly dropped vampires into the Drones Club. It’s kinda steampunk (but not too dark and riddled with technobabble) and kinda urban fantasy (without the modern setting), shaken up with a jot of romance and a whole lot of comedy. Ridiculously delicious fashions and obsession with etiquette seem the perfect setting into which to foist vampires (dictating such things) and werewolves (chaffing against them) not to mention steam technology.

Importantly, there’s no magic. None at all. Instead, Victorian scientists are struggling to understand vampires, werewolves, and ghosts using the scientific standards of the day. This results in steampunk gadgets and crazy theories centered on the existence of the soul.

The Parasol Protectorate books by Gail Carriger, feature Lady Alexia Maccon (nee Tarabotti), a soulless, autocratic Victorian harridan, and her increasingly eccentric group of friends. Alexia is prone to charging about London, then across England, and eventually through Europe on her quest to foil various evil plots. She is assisted, and sometimes hindered, in her endeavors by a band of scruffy werewolf soldiers, a cadre of gay vampires, a cross–dressing female inventor, and a very silly best friend with a predilection for atrocious hats.


Some further information regarding the setting for the game:  (For information only. Not required reading for the setting)

The Alternate History of the Parasol Protectorate

Victorian London

Russia in the 19th Century

Egypt in the Middle Kingdom

The game is set in April of 1874, between book 3 (Blameless) and book 4 (Heartless) of the The Parasol Protectorate