Order of the Brass Octopus


The Order of the Brass Octopus, sometimes shorted to just “OBO”, is an order of scientists from a variety of hard science disciplines, from across Europe and the United States. Many members of the order are are known for their eccentricities.

Known members and affiliates of the order include Madame Genevieve LeFoux, Monsieur Gustave Trouvé and Formerly Beatrice LeFoux.

The registration and application of inventions patented by the Order of the Brass Octopus are regulated within the British Empire by the Clandestine Scientific Information Act of 1855. Many members of the OBO operate within Great Britain in a covert manner as a result.

The London chapter of the OBO is located at Number 88 Barlow Place.

(For information only. Not required reading for the setting)

The Hypocras Club, a militant off shoot of the OBO, operated in London under the guise of being a gentleman’s club in Mayfair. Located next door to the Duke of Snodgrove’s town house, the club catered to intellectuals, philosophers, and scientists of an anti-supernatural disposition, with three main aims.

  • To identify and understand the supernatural threat, assess vulnerabilities, determine potential impacts and disseminate information to our members and security partners.
  • To detect, deter and mitigate the supernatural threat to the commonwealth.
  • To safeguard natural people and their freedoms, and maintain critical infrastructure and intellectual advancement of the scientific community.

The club was disbanded by law in 1873 after it was revealed that club members were involved in the kidnapping, experimentation upon and eventual murder of numerous supernatural citizens of London and it’s greater surrounds, including the kidnapping and attempted murder of Lord Akeldama, the Earl of Woolsey and Miss Alexia Tarrabotti.

Many of it’s members were re-absorbed into the OBO, resulting in the Order being placed on a number of government watch lists overseen by the BUR and The Shadow Council.