Miss Penny Renouf

Miss Penny Renouf  is an Egyptologist of some note, and the daughter of Peter le Page Renouf, a British professor, Egyptologist, and museum director, who is best known for his translation of The Book of the Dead.

Her area of expertise is centred around the Middle Kingdom period of Ancient Egyptian History (circa 2050 BC – 1800 BC), and she has authored several treatises on the the divinity of Pharaoh worship during the Twelfth Dynasty.

Until recently, she was under the employ of Lord and Lady Boddington-Smythe to curate and expand their personal collection of Twelfth Dynasty artefacts, now on display at the British Museum after the tragic passing of the Boddington-Smythes during a boating incident in the Lakes District.

A very intelligent and focussed young lady, dedicated to the preservation of her curated collection.


Miss Penny Renouf Character Sheet


Look, I… I may not be an explorer, or an adventurer, or a treasure-seeker, or a gunfighter, but I am proud of what I am!


Death is only the beginning


The earliest examples of the Wisdom Texts can be found on a number of modern translations of different papyri. There are two copies in the British Museum, one dating from the Middle Kingdom and one from the New Kingdom, it can also be found on a wooden tablet in the Cairo Museum