The following is for information only, and not required reading for the game.

Werewolves, Vampires and Ghosts were once mortals who were born with an excess of soul, which is a requirement for them to survive the transition from mortal to supernatural state.

A Preternatural is a mortal who is born without any soul at all. As such, they have the ability neutralise the supernatural state of werewolves and vampires through maintained skin-to-skin contact, and to exorcise ghosts, which exist in a pure supernatural state. Female preternaturals are much less common than males.

Just as there is a Werewolf and Vampire advisor to the British Crown, so too is there a Preternatural advisor – The Muhjuh. This advisor to HRM Queen Victoria is meant to break the stalemate between the Potentate and the Dewan. He or she represents the voice of the modern age, as opposed to the other two older, set-in-their-ways advisors. It is also implied that the Muhjah would oversee any and all affairs related to preternaturals within the kingdom. The position is currently held by Lady Alexia Maccon.

Preternaturals have a number of less savoury monikers applied to them over the years, such as “soulless,” “soul-sucker,” “curse-breaker,” “exorcist,” “daemon,” and “homo exanimus.”

Preternaturals are born true, meaning that if one parent is a preternatural, the child will also be a preternatural. However, as preternaturals cannot physically be in close proximity to each other, a preternatural child will never know it’s preternatural parent. There have been no known instances of a female preternatural successfully giving birth to a preternatural child. Lord and Lady Maccon are currently expecting their first child, who will be neither werewolf nor preternatural. The exact nature of the child is currently an unknown.