Monsieur Gustave Trouvé

Monsieur Gustave Trouvé is a French inventor and electrical engineer of some note and has particular interest in clocks. He is a member of the Order of the Brass Octopus and is the cousin of Madame Lefoux.

He is very friendly with Lady Maccon, in whom he finds an eager audience for scientific discussion and his latest theories.

Monsieur Trouvé has a workshop in central Paris at number 14 rue Vivienne, where he has innovated and patented many widely differing applications of electricity, regularly reported on by popular science magazines such as La Nature. He has recently invented a carbon-zinc pocket-sized battery to power his miniature electric automata which have become very popular among the supernatural set in London, particularly the vampires.

Today he will use a revolutionary invention conceived in collaboration with Madame Lefoux and Formerly Batrice Lefoux to “unwrap” a mummy without having to peel back any of it’s layers.



Mr Gustave Trouve Character Sheet


“It was difficult to see the exact nature of his expression as, in addition to the ubiquitous mustache, the clockmaker also wore a golden-brown beard of such epic proportions as might dwarf a mulberry bush. It was as though his mustache had become overly enthusiastic and, seized with the spirit of adventure, set out to conquer the southern reaches of his face in a take-no-prisoners kind of way.”