Miss Mabel Dair

Mabel Dair is a very well known London actress and Countess Nádasdy’s favourite drone.

She is slightly chubby, blonde, and pretty, with a friendly smile; Miss Dair is a drone of the Westminster Hive for the purposes of patronage, as are many artists, writers and poets. Those of the theatrical disposition usually become clavigers to werewolf packs, so in this respect, she is quite unique.

Sometimes described as “an Original”, that being an eccentric or unusual person who does not necessarily always conform to social norms, she has risen to prominence and become the reigning darling of the West End due to the Westminster Hive’s unflagging support.

Despite giving off an air of unwarranted innocence, Miss Dair is a woman of strong character, an excellent rider, a dab hand at cards and a personal fiend of the Hive queen, as well as being her drone.

A woman not to be taken lightly.

mabel-dairMiss Mabel Dair Character Sheet

8iebknaytThe following quotes from The Parasol Protectorate novels give some insight into Miss Mabel Dair, but are not required reading for the character. Your character sheet, supplied at the con, will have all the information required to play this character.

Mabel Dair shrugged, an elegant little movement, refined so as not to disturb the fall of her gown.


Miss Dair boasted a styish figure, if a little round, with an arrangement of curves that cemented her appeal firmly among a specific class of fashionable gentlement. And if the rumours were to be believed, one very fashionable woman.


Miss Mabel Dair emerged from the hive house, dramatically silhouetted against the crowded, well-lit interior. She paused, centre-stage, on the front stoop.She wore an evening gown the colour of old gold with a full bustle – the more risque trends out of Paris with the smaller bustle and form-fitting bodice were not or her. Here, under her misstress’s guarded eye, even an actress like Miss Dair dressed demurely.


Miss Dair yelled from the step, using her stage voice to cut through the noise of the crowded street.