Lord Akeldama

Lord Akeldama is the unquestionable paragon of high fashion in London, and a  Rove vampire. He was recently appointed to the position of  Vampire Advisor to HRM Queen Victoria, is considered by most to be utterly outrageous, and seems to speak predominantly in italics.

A shrewd gatherer of information, Akeldama prides himself on his fashion and on knowing everything. He is attended in these goals by a large number of dandy drones, many of aristocratic blood, including his former favourite drone, Biffy (such a sad story, he still is not happy about how that turned out)

Lord Akeldama is extremely close friends with Lady Maccon, much to her husband’s chagrin; and has a longstanding dislike of Countess Nádasdy,

Lord Akeldama likes to dress with Rococo Influence. His house is very lavish, full of guided furniture, shepherdess carpets of Georgian style, and frescoed walls with cherubs engaging in salacious activities

“Lord Akeldama did everything fashionably, sometimes to the exclusion of all else, including common sense. If Lord Akeldama were to take up wrestling in vats of jellied eels, it would probably become fashionable within a fortnight”

“Vampires are like pants, you’re always better dressed with one than without.”


Lord Akeldama Character Sheet

8iebknaytThe following quotes from The Parasol Protectorate novels give some insight into Lord Akeldama, but are not required reading for the character. Your character sheet, supplied at the con, will have all the information needed to play this character.

Lord Akeldama’s hair was as gold as the buckles on his shoes. One always expected vampires to be dark and slightly doomy. Lord Akeldama was the antithesis of all expectations. He wore his blonde hair long and queued back in a manner stylish hundreds of years ago


The ancient vampire sashayed forward to greet her, both arms extended, dressed in his version of the “casual gentleman at home.” For most men of means and taste, this meant a smoking jacket, opera scarf, long trousers, and soft-soled derbies. For Lord Akeldama, this meant that the jacket was of pristine white silk with black embroidered birds of some lean oriental persuasion splashed about, the scarf a bright peacock patterned teal, the trousers the latest in tight fitting black jacquard; and the shoes cut in a flashy wingtip style with a black and white spectator coloration that was held by many to be rather vulgar


Lord Akeldama was generally regarded by members of both the military and the constabulary with whom he had congress as challenging in large doses


‘My dearest girl,’ said the vampire finally, examining Lord Maccon with an exhausted but appreciative eye, ‘such a banquet. Never been one to favor werewolves myself, but he is very well equipped, now, is he not?’ Miss Tarabotti gave him an arch look. ‘My goodies,’ she warned. ‘Humans,’ chuckled the vampire, ‘so possessive.”


Lord Akeldama was not a big man, certainly not by werewolf standards, but he moved so quickly that he was around Professor Lyall’s desk, slim hands around the werewolf’s throat, faster than Lyall’s eyes could follow.


Lord Akeldama smiled back, showing off his deadly fangs. Professor Lyall thought them just long enough to be threatening without being ostentatious, like the perfect dress sword. They were quite subtle fangs for a man of Lord Akeldama’s reputation


Lord Akeldama was rumored to insist that all his drones go without the dreaded lip skirt. The vampire had once had the vapors upon encountering an unexpected mustache around a corner of his hallway. Muttonchops were permitted in moderation, and only because they were currently all the rage among the most fashionable of London’s gentlemen-about-town. Even so, they must be as well tended as the topiary of Hampton Court


‘I believe the defining moment was when certain persons, who shall remain nameless, objected to my fuchsia silk striped waistcoat. I loved that waistcoat. I put my foot down, right then and there; I do not mind telling you!’ To punctuate his deeply offended feelings, he stamped one silver-and-pearl-decorated high heel firmly. ‘No one tells me what I can and cannot wear!’ He snapped up a lace fan from where it lay on a hall table and fanned himself vigorously with it for emphasis


As was often the case with Lord Akeldama, while he seemed to be doing a good deal of the talking, in the end Biffy and Lyall found themselves transferring to him the bulk of the information. Professor Lyall was not happy with this, but Biffy was comfortable knowing that the vampire enjoyed collecting information, but rarely did he put it to any concrete use. He was rather like a little old biddy who collected demitasse teacups that she then set upon a shelf to admire