The following is for information only, and not required reading for the game.

A Ghost was once a mortal who was born with excess soul. Upon the death of their mortal body, this excess soul allows their ghostly form to exist in a pure supernatural state. As such, most ghosts are terrified of Preternaturals, who can end their existence with a single touch.

Ghosts are addressed as “Formerly” rather than their first names or titles, in acknowledgement their supernatural state.

Ghosts are tethered to their mortal remains, and as such, cannot move far from their places of burial. If these remains are moved, the ghost is forced to go with them. In this way, the BUR has established a significant network of ghost agents. Exhumed and preserved bodies with tethered specters are placed in select locales around the city to gather information. Each ghost’s tether crosses the limits of at least one other’s, creating a communication network that stretches the length and breadth of London.

As a ghosts mortal remains decompose, so does the ghost’s supernatural state.

Freshly deceased mortals with excess soul, have very strong supernatural forms and maintain a cohesive ghostly form, usually a representation of themselves in their prime, and all of their mental faculties. Provided that the remains are well preserved, a ghost can sustain their form and mental acumen for a considerable time.

Eventually, however, even the best preserve remains will decompose to the point where a ghost slides into poltergeist stage. This is usually typified by the loss of cohesion, arms, eyeballs, mouths, fingers etc will cease to be connected in the socially acceptable manner and will begin to float randomly in the air. The equivalent process decimates the ghosts intellectual abilities, sometimes to the point of incoherent screaming being their only form of communication.

It is unusual for a ghost to exist for more than a few years before slipping into poltergeist stage. Formerly Lefoux is an enigma, in that she has persisted in a cohesive ghostly form for more than ten years.