Formerly Lefoux

Formerly Beatrice Lefoux is an inventor of considerable talent and the aunt of Madame Genevieve Lefoux. She is also deceased. Being a possessor of excess soul, upon her death, she became a ghost.

She is a very proud woman, and is suspicious of the supernatural set. She fears preternaturals instinctively, as most ghosts do, as a preternatural’s touch will end her existence. Subsequently she is extremely wary of Lady Maccon.

Formerly Lefoux is of French origin, speaks several languages fluently and has an avid interest in weaponry & modern inventions. She resides in the workshop in the basement of the Chapeau de Poupe, a hat shop owned and run by Madame Lefoux.

She has never married, or had children of her own. Never the less, she cares a great deal for her niece, accepting Madame Lefoux unquestioningly for who she is, and attempts as much as she can to keep her out of trouble.


Formerly Beatrice Lefoux

8iebknaytThe following quotes from The Parasol Protectorate novels give some insight into Formerly Lefoux, but are not required reading for the character. Your character sheet, supplied at the con, will have all the information required to play this character.

Miss Tall was the only one of the three who actually looked the part of a teacher. Sophronia adjusted her assessment from merely “tall” to “impossibly angular.” Like a human hatstand. This woman was severely dressed, with a face that might have been pretty if all the lines resulted from smiling rather than frowning. As it was, she looked like a stoat with gastric problems.

“Worried, are you? You should be. Professor LeFoux takes a firm hand. Although she’s too fearsome for debuts.”
“Old Lefoux has charge of modern weaponry and technological advancements. She’s an honorary member of the Order of the Brass Octopus. They don’t allow women, not officially, but they certainly use her designs.”
She also had a French accent, which hundreds of years of animosity had trained nice young Englishwomen to suspect as evil.