Dr Caedes

Dr Caedes is a vampire of the Westminster Hive, the most fashionable hive in London, and Member of the Royal Society. He is a Dr of Engineering, being extensively published in the area, and a number of projects associated with him from his time in Europe before his metamorphosis by Countess Nádasdy.

Dr Cades has a intense interest in modern inventions, science and technology, and has gathered a circle of drones to himself of a similar disposition. Most Vampires have interests skewed more toward the visual arts than science or technology, which makes him quite unique.

He is rumoured to have once squared off against Lord Maccon in his capacity as head of the B.U.R. over the disposition of scientific gadgetry and research notes confiscated from the disgraced Hypocras Club.

Although his academic achievements are significant, Dr Caedes also has a reputation for being unctuous and disconcerting, particularly towards young ladies.


Dr Caedes Character Sheet


The following quotes from The Parasol Protectorate novels give some insight into Dr Caedes, but are not required reading for the character. Your character sheet, supplied at the con, will have all the information required to play this character.

Dr Caedes yanked the maid from the countess’s grasp and threw her to the floor like a used dishrag. The girl convulsed one final time and stilled.


A vampire was oiling his way down the staircase towards them. Dr Caedes was a thin, reedy man with a hairline paused in the act of withdrawal and an interest in engineering, not medicinal manners, despite his title.


“My treaure, under your particular circumstances, I suggest that Dr. Caedes is the one to be most wary of. More mobile than the countess, and he is…how do I put this? He is interested in minutia. You know he takes an interest in modern inventions? He dabbles himself, as well as investing and collecting like-minded drones. He is also not altogether compos mentis in the daylight sense of the term.”


Dr. Caedes backed down, having to follow the niceties of conversation that he and his kind had insinuated into society.


“I could hardly stand to endure such waistcoats as Dr Caedes seems to favour these days”