The Guests

Please note that everything below is designed to enhance your gaming experience, but is not required reading for the game. Everything you will need to know to play your character will be included on your character sheet. For those who are familiar with the setting, this game takes place between book 3 and 4 of the series.


The Guests of Honour

Princess Golitsyna Visiting Russian diplomat – Aloof, and older than she looks
Countess Kuryakina Visiting Russian diplomat – No nonsense, none at all. No, really.


The Wolves and Associates

The Dewan The Earl of Upper Slaughter – Werewolf advisor to HRM the Queen
Lord Conall Maccon The Earl of Woolsey – Alpha of the Woolsey werewolf pack
Lady Alexia Maccon The Countess Woolsey – Preternatural advisor to HRM the Queen. She has no soul.
Lady Sidheag Maccon Lady Kingair, Scotland – Alpha of the Kingair werewolf pack
Professor Lyall  Beta of the Woolsey werewolf pack – Uncommonly tidy for a werewolf
Major Channing Gamma of the Woolsey werewolf pack – Charming and arrogant
Mr Sandelio de Rabiffano “Biffy” Former drone of Lord Akeldama – deeply unhappy young werewolf
Mr Ormond Tunstell “Tunny” Former valet of Lord Maccon – An actor with spectacularly tight pants
Mrs Ivy Tunstell Best friend of Lady Maccon – Collector of atrocious hats
Mr Algernon Floote Secretary to Lady Maccon – Manservant to Alexia’s father and Alexia’s childhood confidant with hidden depths and extremely broad shoulders.


The Vampires and Associates

Lord Akeldama Paragon of fashion, intrigue & gossip – Vampire advisor to HRM the Queen
Countess Nádasdy Vampire Queen of the Westminster hive – Looks can be very deceiving
Lord Ambrose Praetoriani to Countess Nádasdy – Dark and broodingly arrogant
Dr Caedes Vampire of the Westminster Hive – Sinister and skinny as a walking stick
Miss Mabel Dair Drone of Countess Nádasdy – Far more than just a well known actress


The Scientists

Madame Genevieve Lefoux The Dapper Inventor – Member of the OBO. Prefers men’s fashion.
Monsieur Gustave Trouvé The Enthusiastic Engineer – Member of the OBO. Obsessed with clocks and his moustaches.
Formerly Beatrice Lefoux The Dour Ghost – Scientist aunt of Mdme Lefoux. Tall, gaunt & intimidating.
Miss Penny Renouf The Egyptologist – A young lady with a significant family legacy


In case you are curious as to who we have used to present each character, check out the Who Is That? page.