Letter to Aleksandr II Nikolaevich, Emperor & Autocrat of all the Russias

I hope my missive finds you and your family well. The Princess and I send greetings form your daughter Princess Maria, she wishes me to inform you that she is adapting well to her new home here in London. The weather is much milder which seems to agree with her.

Our investigations into the structure and processes of HRH Queen Victoria’s BUR go extraordinarily well. Not only have we met many of the key players within the organisation but we have also been fortunate enough to witness firsthand the actual implementation of the BUR as it conducts an investigation of an unusual incident. We have been able to see the implementation of the BUR’s responsibility.

I must report that the organisation relies heavily on the adherence to social niceties. A polite facade of agreeability which covers up the frustrations and other emotions contained within the broiling pot of the supernatural species. Each person present at a recent unfortunate incident which we witnessed was able to collect themselves and conduct not only a mostly creditable investigation but also conduct themselves with the utmost decorum and dignity (and again I stress most). I am requesting of The Dewan and the Lord Maccon the opportunity to observe the questioning, trial and punishment of the guilty party at the recent incident. I expect it to be most enlightening.

I strongly believe that Russia can learn from this rigidity and politeness and codes of conduct dictated to the supernatural kind, within reason of course. What I have seen of most importance has to be the education of the wider population. Russia must begin to educate (in the Russian way) our people. Being them into a place whereby they will accept science and the supernatural. If we do not encourage the learning of the communities we run the risk of finding ourselves in the unfortunately circumstances which currently shroud Italy.

We must expand our education processes to cover the former serfs, farm works, labourers, and others who thus far have not graced the floors of our schools. They must learn about Russian history, science, and eventually about the existence of the supertnatural. What we teach people now will stand them in good stead to resist Templars, Superstitions and bring us forward in line with the other Empire with which who we have close familiar ties through your daughters marriage.

To this end the Princess has been highly successful in acquiring the services of a number of renowned British and European scientists and artisans to attend your court in Moscow. It will be a great and beautiful age of cultural connection and opportunity for cultural connections.


Countess Anna Karpovna Kuryakina



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