Thank you to all our wonderful players over the Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend 2017. We had a fantastic time GMing you, and seeing where your stories ended up. Thank you again. Cass, Jen & David.



The Amaranthine Solar Eclipse. The one day every 300 years, gentle reader, that the entire supernatural set can emerge from their (rather well appointed) strongholds without the inconvenience of hellacious compromise. Even vampire hive Queens, by their nature permanently ensconced in their deliciously fashionable residences, may step beyond the safety of their own thresholds without fear for this one day.

In celebration of Tsar Alexander II’s recent interest in following the British example of integrating supernaturals into society, Her Majesty has decreed a unique afternoon’s entertainment for the the London ton. The movers and shakers of London’s supernatural high society have all been invited, and such an invitation brooks no refusal (even if one were so astonishingly gauche as to contemplate such a thing)

A fête for the city’s highest ranking and most eminent Werewolves, Vampires, Ghosts, Scientists and visiting Russian aristocrats. Nothing could possibly go wrong…

*Guests are kindly advised to be sure to consult your official 1874 Abnormality Roster for London and its Greater Environs prior to attending. Copies of the roster can be obtained through the Bureau of Unnatural Registry (BUR) department of the British Government, head offices located on Fleet Street.


Nefarious Menacing Tea Cup presents a game of manners, mystery, etiquette and steampunk for 21 players set in the supernatural Victorian London of Gail Carriger’s Parasol Protectorate novels. Costuming likely to occur without prompting from us, and scene-chewing expected, within the acceptable levels of polite society of course.


Game Ratings

The Game Supernatural high society shenanigans for 21 players in an alternative Victorian London.
Seriousness Light to a moderate depending on players
Genre/Setting Supernatural Victoriana with etiquette, battle-parasols & treacle tart
(Knowledge of the Parasol Protectorate setting is beneficial but not required)
System Etiquette System by David James & Sandra d’Argeavel
(No previous knowledge of this very simple system is required)
Movie Rating M – MA (occult/supernatural themes)

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